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See Nic Cage As Every Character In Iron Man 3

The headline says it all, and if that didn't do it, the above image definitely did. Presented to the world via Film Drunk, and created by Brazilian Photoshop master Matheus Candido, this is the Iron Man 3 poster, with every human face replaced by Nicolas Cage. Here's the original poster below, for reference.

So far as we know Cage has never been rumored for a role in an Iron Man movie, though I'm now deeply curious about what his take would be on Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin, especially since the aviator sunglasses seem to suit him so well. But I can also imagine Cage as a cleaned-up Aldrich Killian type, especially since when we first meet the guy in a flashback scene at the beginning of Iron Man 3, he's got some grody, Cage-like flowing long hair.

But if you want to catch Cage in a superhero movie, well, there's always Kick-Ass, even though he's probably not going to be in this summer's sequel. And he's looking to flip his image entirely in David Gordon Green's upcoming Joe, which looks about as different from Iron Man 3 as you can get. Does that mean we won't secretly wish he was in Iron Man 3 when we see it this weekend? Hell no.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend