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See Patrick Stewart Supervise A Celebratory X-Men Tattoo As Future Past Crosses $700 Mil

In a summer that's been a bit hard on the movie industry, we've still seen some box office success stories. Out of the superhero offerings we've been gifted this summer, X-Men: Days Of Future Past seems to be the one that's risen to the top of the crop. Now that the Bryan Singer directed film has officially crossed $700 million, the man who first brought the X-Men brand to the screen in 2000 has decided to celebrate in a most unique manner: with a tattoo!

Courtesy of Singer's official Instagram feed, we see him "getting [his] X-tattoo" with a certain professor of mutant studies looking on in the background.

If any of you have "getting a tattoo with Sir Patrick Stewart" on your bucket list, you're going to want to talk to Bryan Singer about how to convince the well respected actor to hang out. No pictures of the tattoo have surfaced just yet, but the question on everyone's minds is the most important one you'll find in this article: did he get the more classic comic/cartoon looking X...

X-men Comic logo

...or did he go with his own, more stylized version that he used in the movies?

new x-men logo

For a franchise that looked like it was on its way out a few short years ago in 2009, X-Men has made a bounce back that only Batman seems to have made, and it did so in a shorter time span than that between Batman And Robin and Batman Begins. It's also been very kind to Fox, as it put them in a good position this summer as the first studio to cross $1 billion domestically. It's no wonder why plans for the extended cut of X-Men: Days Of Future Past have been pushed back to next year, as the studio is probably thinking about positioning the newer version of the film to compete against Marvel Studios releases like The Avengers: Age Of Ultron or Ant-Man.

So why did Bryan Singer celebrate X-Men: Days Of Future Past's milestone with a tattoo? He hasn't said, but I like to think he got the suggestion from cast member/all around badass Sir Ian McKellan. Don't forget, McKellan has an elvish number nine tattooed on his shoulder, a group bonding experience he and his Lord Of The Rings cast members partook in, back in good old 2001. If we find any pictures of Singer's X-Men tattoo, we'll show it to you. In the meantime, we have to ask: which directors/actors do you think have gotten similar celebratory tattoos? Who would you like to see get one? Let us know in the comments below.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past will be on Blu Ray and DVD (theatrical version only) on October 14th.

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