See Patton Oswalt As The Penguin In A New Take On Batman

One of the longest standing (essentially meaningless) debates in fiction is whether or not Batman has ever killed anyone, seeing as how killing people is totally against his code of ethics and all. And while Christopher Nolan’s films have certainly had a lot of death happening all around Batman, but no one ever found the Caped Crusader with a gun in his hand or anything.

That is, until comedians Patton Oswalt, Pete Holmes, Matt McCarthy and College Humor proved once and for all that Batman is a red handed murderer too imbecilic to realize his wrongdoings. It’s unfortunate that it ties itself so tightly to Christian Bale’s Batman, because now I both love this video for its hilariousness and hate it because it makes Batman look dumb. It’s possibly the ridiculing that Batman deserves, but not the one he needs right now.

Oh okay, so Holmes is actually using his most guttural voice to portray Badman, not Batman.

[[ http new prepare-dark-knight-rises-revisiting-batman-returns-31808.html ]] The Penguin (Oswalt) has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon (McCarthy) and is holding him in some kind of a sparsely filled meat locker. And before you know it, Badman has arrived, taking out all the other bad guys in the process. Well, except for the few that attempt to stop him from taking down the Penguin. Those guys meet their demises in spectacularly bloody ways, and we get a true look at how it would be for a mentally debilitated adult to be a superhero. It works comedically more than Super did anyway.

I’m not ashamed by how funny I thought nearly every joke in this video was – especially his thoughts on his dead fish – but it’s probably going to grate a few nerves. But bully to those people. They can go make buttermilk on a special farm.

Oswalt can next be seen in Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, though his perennial man-child role in Nature Calls is avoidable. Meanwhile, Pete Holmes, the host of the fan-fucking-tastic podcast You Made it Weird, is getting his own show on TBS later this year. Perhaps they’d like to take on Man of Steel after that comes out. Oswalt as Brainiac, anyone?

Nick Venable
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