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Earlier today there was news that the production of Logan's Run, the remake set to be directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and star Ryan Gosling, hired a new writer to pen the script. But before we see Gosling reteam with the Drive filmmaker, he has another reunion coming up. Gosling recently completed production on The Place Beyond The Pines, a project that brought him back together with Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance. While photos from the set arrived online this summer, now two official stills have been posted, courtesy of Black Film.

Check out the images below and head over to the source to see them full size.

Described as a story about fathers and sons with motorcycles and guns (please pardon the pun), The Place Beyond The Pines stars Gosling as a new father who robs a bank to provide for his family, but the act puts him on a collision course with a cop-turned-politician (Bradley Cooper) who wants the protagonist brought to justice. The movie is also set to star Rose Byrne, Ray Liotta, Eva Mendes and Bruce Greenwood. Cianfrance has been working on the script for four years and, according to my interview with the filmmaker last year, will speak to the power of being a parent and "the power of living your life and having a new focus in your life." The movie doesn't have a US distributor yet or a release date.

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