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During tonight's "Dawn of the Justice League" special on the CW, that long promised new trailer to Suicide Squad blew the doors off of the night. But even in the face of such an awesome look to the future, the real MVP tonight was the first footage from Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman standalone film. If you need any indication of how bad ass the Amazonian princess's first time in cinemas looks, take a gander at the footage we've seen below.

The surprises were all packed into a minute and a half of footage that was dropped towards the end of the special, and has been released on YouTube by a rather industrious fan. Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, and Chris Pine were all on hand to promote the 2017 film, as well as present the earliest look at Wonder Woman available to the public. Among the highlights are various shots that sell the atmosphere of the World War I backdrop of the film's events, as well as Wonder Woman in her traditional form, and her mortal alter-ego, Diana Prince.

Gadot nails both the Amazon and the bookworm images that Wonder Woman projects throughout this first look. Admittedly, you can tell that even though Zack Snyder wasn't the director of the film, he still had a bit of an influence on how it turned out. In particular, that speed ramped sequence where Wonder Woman beats the hell out of a couple of enemy soldiers. Even with the more modern touches sprinkled into the film's aesthetic, the mood of the picture looks more at home compared to a moody war drama, as opposed to a comic book movie.

If you take away the action and the spectacle of Wonder Woman, all that remains is a very personal story about Wonder Woman and her defense of the human race, in a time where her people have turned their backs on humanity. Which leads to perhaps the best selling point of Wonder Woman's solo outing, a quote from Gal Gadot which sets up just what we should expect from Patty Jenkins' superhero epic:

After all of this time, we're finally going to get the Wonder Woman origin story that the character deserves. The film arrives in theaters on June 23, 2017.