The full X-Men: Apocalypse trailer dropped this morning, giving fans a better look at the size and scope of Bryan Singer’s next mutant throwdown. And though we have been lucky enough to see decent shots of Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse and his various Horsemen in marketing materials leading up to this, the trailer was our first look at some of our favorite Marvel heroes (and villains) in action. Just the way that we like them.

We combed over every frame of footage shared with Singer and his X-Men: Apocalypse team and did a head count of the different mutants on display, while also marveling (no pun intended) at their God-given, genetically enhanced abilities. Which character, revealed in the new trailer, were you most intrigued by? And who are you still waiting to see? I wish we could have seen one "Bamf!" from the new Nightcrawler. Perhaps in trailer number two.

So, what do we know about the master of magnetism, as played once again by the great Michael Fassbender? Well, from this quick GIF, he’s on the side of Apocalypse (who you ALSO can see in the scene), and he’s accompanied by Storm and Angel. They have infiltrated the X-Mansion, as later in the trailer, we see Apocalypse using what we think is Cerebro. Such a tool in the hands of a villain? That’s terrifying.

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