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Seth Rogen's Bloody Hand Offers First Look At Action Comedy The Interview

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Our very first mostly official look at Seth Rogen’s next project has come via Rogen himself, and while one could feasibly assume he’s been crushing grapes to begin an excursion into wine bottling, it’s actually just fake blood on his hand. The Interview, the second feature from This is the End’s Rogen and his creative partner Evan Goldberg, is currently filming in Vancouver, and apparently we’re going to see the actor use his fists as well as his throaty voice in order to take the bad guys down.

These bad guys in question are those responsible for setting up a plot to assassinate the prime minister of North Korea. Rogen plays a producer of a talk show hosted by James Franco, and the two men unwittingly get themselves mixed up in the conspiracy. Not a lot of the plot is known outside of that, but we do know Lizzy Caplan will be playing an agent in pursuit, either of them of the bad guys.

Rogen’s reference to "killing motherfuckers" in his tweet make me a little more excited about this film, as I was hoping it wouldn’t be just your average soulless action comedy. Not that Rogen and Franco are capable of making average films together. We’re really just hoping the producer character doesn’t also wear a costume and call himself the Green Hornet. I guess the main question at this early stage of filming is, will there be any topless motorcycle riding in it?

The Interview, which also stars Timothy Simons (Veep), Randall Park (Veep) and Charles Rahi Chun (Scrubs), is set to be released on October 10, 2014 as a nice raunchily comedic alternative to Miguel Arteta’s family film Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and David Dobkin’s drama The Judge. For those who just can’t wait that long to hear the written words of Rogen and Goldberg, check out the video below, in which esteemed thespian Robert Redford reads the duo’s trivial words for a short film series called Making a Scene from Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski. It may not tide you over until October, but it’s pretty wonderful all the same.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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