Sex, Explosions, And Chris Hemsworth Featured In New Rush Trailer

"There's a lie that all drivers tell themselves: death is something that happens to other people." This is the rationale that allows Formula 1 racers to crawl into cars that travel at impossible speeds on treacherous tracks explained by driver James Hunt in the latest trailer for Ron Howard's Rush. The sport drama based on a true story centers on the famous rivalry between Hunt and Niki Lauda, a rivalry that not only spurred them on to more and more risky maneuvers, but also saved one of them after a horrific and fiery crash.

The Avengers' Chris Hemsworth stars as Hunt, an English driver known as well for his reputation with the ladies as for his skill on the track. Daniel Brühl, who memorably played the loathsome Frederick Zoller in Inglourious Basterds, plays the disciplined Austrian racer Lauda. And even in the brief trailer above you can get a feel for how well they play foils to each other. Olivia Wilde and Natalie Dormer co-star as the women behind these headline-snagging men.

While the first trailer gave us a fuller look at the plot of this pulse-pounding biopic, the latest—which you can view in its highest resolution at Apple (opens in new tab)—focuses more on the film's style and its—pardon the pun—drive. This is a story of bold men with big dreams and harrowing obstacles ahead of them. The risk of death, the promise of sex, and the guarantee of explosions make this the perfect trailer to release in the thick of summer spectacle. Save the drama-dripping ads for fall, where Frost/Nixon scribe Peter Morgan's pensive script can draw notice just as award season buzz begins to build.

Rush opens in the US on September 20th.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.