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Sharon Stone To Play Amanda Seyfried's Mom In Lovelace

Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman recently made huge steps towards actually getting their Linda Lovelace biopic off the ground. Earlier this month it was reported that Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard were both in talks for the film, with the actress playing the former starlet and the actor signed up to play her abusive husband/pimp, Chuck Traynor. Now a third piece of the puzzle has been added.

According to the AP, Sharon Stone has been enlisted to play Linda Lovelace's mother in Lovelace. While the article is thin on details about how she will fit into the film, there were significant moments of extreme drama between Lovelace and her mother in real life. When she was 20, Lovelace, then known as Linda Susan Boreman, gave birth to a child and her mother told her that she was going to put the baby into foster care until Linda was old enough to care for it. In reality, her mom put the child up for adoption. Later, Lovelace was involved in a terrible car accident and while she was living at home she met Traynor and he brought her into the porn industry.

If you're going to cast an actress to play Amanda Seyfried's mother I actually don't think there are very many better choices than Stone in this particular instance. Her career is in definite need of a boost (when is the last time you saw a Sharon Stone movie?) and while I can't imagine that the part is very big - again, it all depends on how the script is structured - there is just enough drama here that Stone could give a memorable performance.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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