Sherlock Helmer Eying Fox's Frankenstein

With a perpetual flow of horror remakes ever being churned out of Hollywood, the return of classic movie monsters is inevitable. The big three (Dracula, The Wolf Man and Frankenstein) have regularly returned to theaters over the decades, but the monster of the moment seems to be Frankenstein's monster, who will be at the center of not one but three upcoming releases.

First to open will be Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, which re-imagines Mary Shelley's tale of terror as family-friendly fare. Then there's Lionsgate's neo-noir I, Frankenstein, based on the graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux. And finally, Fox's mysterious unnamed Frankenstein project penned by Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis is looking to lens soon.

Last fall, this last project looked to be on its way to production with Night at the Museum helmer Shawn Levy set to direct. However, THR now reports Levy's off the project and Paul McGuigan, who has directed four of six episodes of the acclaimed mini-series Sherlock, has entered into final talks to helm.

In a curious coincidence, McGuigan is the second Sherlock alum who could be bringing Frankenstein and his monster to cinemas. Memorably, the show's star Benedict Cumberbatch played both parts in turn for the Danny Boyle-directed theatrical production of Frankenstein that was featured for a special one-night-only Fathom event last June. Sadly, this seems to squash any likelihood that Cumberbatch might come aboard McGuigan's interpretation, but with Fox eager to get their nameless horror feature into production, cast announcements should follow shortly if McGuigan signs on.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.