Silent Hill Motion Poster Shows Pyramid Head In Action

Silent Hill is one of those properties that worked really well as a video-game series, but, to date, hasn’t quite translated to film. The 2006 adaptation went long, and while it boasted some impressive horror visuals, the dialogue was beyond cheesy. The film was a missed opportunity.

But Silent Hill gets another stab at silver-screen stardom with Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, and a new motion poster has been shared online at Yahoo to promote it. We have it for you below:

Silent Hill fans recognize Pyramid Head, a monster from the 2006 movie who has become an integral part of subsequent chapters in the video game’s narrative. Designers of the Silent Hill game have said in interviews that they came up with the concept of Pyramid Head because they wanted a faceless threat. It has also been expressed by Silent Hill director Christophe Gans that Pyramid Head might be one of the original executioners in the history of the town, Silent Hill.

Roberto Campanella portrayed Pyramid Head in the original film. The poster suggests he’s coming back for the sequel, and we also saw glimpses of the villain in the San Diego Comic-Con footage that Open Road screened back in July. But IMDB doesn’t have a credit listed for the character. Strange. Still, bank on him having a big part in the movie. Considering how important the “Big Boss” has become to the series, I can’t see having another Hill movie without hime. Let’s see what happens when the movie comes out on Oct. 26.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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