So you think American Idol is schmaltzy? And you thought The Bucket List was too sappy to bear? Well, brace yourselves—those two misty-eyed forces are teaming up for one tear flooded movie. Bucket List screenwriter Justin Zackham will write a movie based on the life of a contestant from Britain’s Got Talent, the precursor to American Idol from across the pond. Even though the master of mean judge from the American show, Simon Cowell, will produce, you just know this will be a heartstring tugger.

The contestant in question is Paul Potts, an opera singer who actually won the show in 2007 after auditioning on a lark. The Hollywood Reporter says the movie will be a mixture of comedy and drama that chronicles Potts’ tough-luck story before he became a national sensation on the TV show. He had pursued a career as an opera singer by performing in amateur productions, but a bicycle accident in 2003 ended his career, and he was working as a cell phone salesman when he auditioned for the show. His final performance from Britain’s Got Talent, the aria “Nessun Dorma” from Turandot, has been viewed on YouTube over 25 million times.

The movie will be called One Chance, which is oh-so-conveniently the name of Potts’ debut album as well. I get that Potts is a sensation in Britain, and has a genuinely moving story, but is he really all that famous here? And after eight seasons of American Idol, do we really need a whole movie dedicated to yet another story about someone plucked out of obscurity to become a superstar? I know rags-to-riches stories are some of the most popular in Hollywood, but I’m not so sure Paul Potts is ready for his big screen moment.

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