Sir Billi Trailer Begs The Question Why Sean Connery Came Out Of Retirement

Following the release of the incredibly awful League of Extraordinary Gentlemen back in 2003, Sean Connery announced his retirement from acting. It was a heavy blow to fans who have loved his work since he first strapped on a tux and became the greatest incarnation of James Bond ever seen on film. Whether he missed the acting world or was simply bored of retirement, Connery recently decided that he would provide the voice-over for the title character in Sir Billi, a Scottish animated film co-starring Alan Cumming. He should have stayed retired.

The first trailer for Sir Billi has been posted to YouTube and it's hard to imagine that this film could be as bad as this trailer makes it seem. For starters, it has the production quality of a VeggieTales movie and the plot about a skateboarding grandpa feels like a bad commercial from the 80s. I would say that Connery did this movie for the money, but it is quite apparent that this movie studio that made it doesn't have any.

Check out the trailer below.

Eric Eisenberg
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