Skyfall has been a gigantic hit overseas for two weeks already, so the question upon its North American debut this weekend wasn't whether or not it would be big, but just how incredibly gigantic it might be. The result is good news for Bond fans and especially the movie's distributor, Sony. Skyfall made an estimated $32 million on Friday, which sets it up for an $88 million weekend and make it the biggest-opening Bond ever, by a wide margin.

The second-biggest was actually Quantum of Solace, which made $67.5 million back in 2008 but went on to be the most unloved Bond of the Daniel Craig run. That won't be a problem for Skyfall-- according to Deadline, the movie received an A CinemaScore form audiences, and is receiving tons of rave reviews like this one all over the place. The movie even score big on Thursday sneak peek screenings and Friday midnights, making $4.6 million from the Thursday night IMAX showings alone. On 3,505 screens in the U.S. and Canada, Skyfall is opening wider than ay Bond movie before it-- but clearly they're making it worth that big expansion.

The movie's other major release is opening on just 11 screens, but Lincoln is also a success in its limited way. A $75,000 per-screen average on Friday was higher than what distributor Disney was hoping for, and it could make $900,000 for the weekend in just that limited release. Lincoln will expand wider throughout the holiday movie season, of course, but we'll see if it can have the same kind of strength when up against the larger, more typical holiday releases.

Meanwhile Wreck-It Ralph, last weekend's big champion, didn't stand a chance against Skyfall, but still did pretty well for itself, dropping just 42% on Friday and set to come in a solid #2. We'll keep an eye on the box office throughout the weekend and have a full report for you on Sunday. In the meantime let us know what you're seeing, and if you're as blown away by Skyfall as everyone else.

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