The minute I first heard smoky-voiced Adele croon “Rolling in the Deep,” I claimed she should sing the next theme song for a James Bond sequel. Now I wish I’d written it down somewhere and published my prediction, because the obvious is about to become true.

Sam Mendes’ Skyfall, which opens in theaters in November, will begin with a new track sung by Adele, Total Film confirms after more than a year of rumors. The song will be called Skyfall, and will be her first bit of music since her multi-award-winning 21. According to reports, Adele was spotted at an MGM recording studio recently, which kick-started a healthy dose of online speculation. Now that we know Adele’s down to sing the tune, we’re dying to hear it.

It’s the latest in a series of teases Sony has been laying out as they look to marginally reboot Bond after the swing-and-a-miss that was Quantum of Solace. We’ve been treated to several behind-the-scenes video blogs, addressing everything from location shots to costuming. Lately, a series of posters have been hitting the ‘net, starting with an action-oriented domestic one sheet (see it right here). The latest is a UK poster that’s slightly disappointing following the U.S. version, though it still gives fans a look at the dapper Daniel Craig in “uniform” (i.e., a tuxedo) ready to take on the next challenge.

It’s possible we might get one more trailer for Skyfall before we reach the film’s Nov. 9 opening. And if Sony’s smart, it will have a snippet of that Adele theme song.

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