It's rare for a giant movie to open up overseas before it opens in the United States, much less a full two weeks ahead, but audiences in Europe and elsewhere have been enjoying James Bond's newest adventure Skyfall for two weekends now-- and they've been proving that enjoyment by buying lots and lots of tickets. The film has already made $287 million in its overseas run, meaning that before it ever opens here in the United States, it's already become a giant, giant hit.

According to Deadline, $156 million of that gross came from just this weekend alone, having expanded to a few big markets like Germany and Mexico over the weekend-- it set the record in Germany for the biggest opening of the year so far. A good portion of that big gross comes from an awesome holdover in its second week in the United Kingdom, making $25.7 million this weekend and bringing its total there to $85.8 million in just 10 days. Before that it set the UK record for the biggest 7-day gross, edging out fellow recent success Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

And even better for Sony-- they're expecting just as much of a success, if not more, when Skyfall finally opens in the United States. According to Deadline current estimates for Skyfall's total box office gross in the United States go as far as $215 million, which would make it by far the most financially successful film in the franchise.

We're super excited for the release of Skyfall this week, and we hope you are too! To share the excitement, we'll be writing a ton about Bond in the coming days, so keep coming back for much more where this came from.

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