So far the images we've seen from the set of the new James Bond adventure Skyfall have been pretty ho-hum, whether an official shot of Bond holding a gun or a mysterious photo of villain Javier Bardem in a blond wig. But after getting a glimpse two weeks ago of Bond out in the countryside by a giant house, we've finally gotten the payoff: that house has gone boom. Literally. Check it out below.

According to The Daily Mail, which snapped that photo along with several others, that house is in fact James Bond's country home, not the villain's lair as we previously reported. Honestly, I'm not so sure The Daily Mail knows what it is either-- details about this movie have been kept so secret that it's hard to assume much of anybody knows exactly which building has gone up in smoke. What we do know is that Javier Bardem was also on set around the time of the explosion, and seemed to be blowing up the house himself along with some bad guy cronies. You can see them in spotlight with the camera crew in the photo below.

Giant explosions are nothing new in the world of James Bond, of course, and though Quantum of Solace had a pretty terrific explosion near the end, it was still a fairly dull movie. Still, it's hard not to be excited about the sight of Javier Bardem and a bunch of thugs blowing up a stately English manor, especially if it's personal to James Bond and sets him on a path of revenge. That combination of British gentility with high-flying action is exactly what we come to the Bond movies for, now? We'll be able to find out for ourselves how this all shakes out when the movie finally opens November 9.

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