With 22 features already within the lush legacy of James Bond, the creative team behind his latest adventure Skyfall have an incredibly high bar to meet. Not only must they deliver the kind of jaw-dropping action sequences and devastating sex appeal that Bond movies are known for, but also they need to find a new approach that will make this decades old hero fell fresh, and as exciting as ever.

The trailers that have surfaced thus far show Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes have conspired to make Skyfall a real stunner, from its insane stunts to Bond's flawless style. But there's more to Bond than stunts, style, and sex appeal; there's also the long line of Bond Girls. However, with names like Pussy Galore and Plenty O'Toole, this stock character has become a laughable element of the old films, and so demands a modern makeover.

The latest official videoblog offers a look at the latest additions to the iconic Bond Girls: English actress Naomie Harris (28 Days Later) and French film star Bérénice Marlohe, who shoulder the responsibility of bringing the concept of the Bond Girl into a modern age. In the vid viewable below, they and Craig break down what sets these badass broads apart from their foremothers:

Harris plays Eve, a field agent who sees herself as being on the level of the impossibly cool 007. But while Eve may have some serious skills as an agent, she's way behind on the fashion front. (Seriously, Eve, jeggings?) However, this helps contrast her with Marlohe, whose slinky dress and big bold lips scream femme fatale. But how will these ladies stack up against the world's most famous spy? We'll find out when Skyfall rolls into theaters November 9th.

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