Now that Will Smith has returned to acting with a legitimate hit of his own in Men In Black 3, you might think he could stop building up careers for his children who, y'know, could have the chance to be actual kids again. But the siren song of stardom apparently hasn't quit attacking the Smith household, and the plans to put together a remake of Annie as a star vehicle for 11-year-old Willow Smith have found new life. According to The Wrap, Aline Brosh McKenna has been brought in to rewrite the script, with plans to use both the hit Broadway musical and the original comic strip to develop the story.

As was originally reported last year, Will Smith will be teaming up with Jay-Z to produce the remake, and though Willow isn't yet set as the star, that seems to be the main reason behind developing it. Jay-Z, who famously used a riff from the Annie musical in his song Hard Knock Life, will "reimagine" the music, which will presumably give Willow a chance to show off her fairly impressive music skills in a more modern way.

As for McKenna, she's a pretty big gun to be brought on to the project-- she's mined the rom-com formula in hits like 27 Dresses and The Devil Wears Prada, and clearly ought to know how to tap into girl power for this story. A musical remake of Annie really isn't the worst thing we can imagine, though whoever they hire to direct is going to have to face the ghost of John Huston, who directed the 1982 adaptation. I don't envy that job, but the chance to hit their wagon to Willow Smith's star will probably make it worthwhile.

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