New Smurf Image Is A Big Improvement

Well this is kind of a relief. Though the upcoming Smurfs movie is sure to be awful, since they’re forcing it to fit into the Alvin & The Chipmunks mold instead of letting it be The Smurfs, at least the little blue guys won’t look like this. That link takes you to a teaser poster for the film, leaked a few months ago. The Smurf on it looks more like smudged claymation than the photo-realistic CGI necessary to bring them into a live action film.

Apparently the movie’s animators have gotten a lot better since then since according to UGO when we see them the Smurfs will look more like this:

That’s an image they got from… somewhere and they claim it’s real. The little bugger certainly looks a lot better. I wonder which Smurf that’s supposed to be? It’s not Brainy, no glasses. It’s not Handy, no pencil. Maybe it’s the Smurf equivalent of a redshirt, created only to be crushed by the big foot of Gargamel.

Josh Tyler