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Snow White And the Huntsman Unveils Interactive Trailer

Snow White and the Huntsman may not be an original story, but as a broad adaptation of a very, very old fairy tale, I'm going to give it a pass anyway. Because seriously, who looks at the trailers for this movie-- packed with ravens and swordfights and Charlize Theron dipping herself into a vat of white goo-- and thinks back to the classic Disney animated version of the story? They may be using the name for brand recognition, but Snow White and the Huntsman seems to have about as much to do with the fairy tale as Battleship did with the board game-- and hopefully with much better results.

With the release date of June 1 coming very soon, we've pretty much seen everything from the movie they're willing to reveal, but Universal has added a bit of new footage and a twist with the new "interactive'" trailer, which includes little pop-up boxes that lead you to trivia, other behind-the-scenes videos, and the chance to discuss the trailer with others. Take a look below.

When I tried the discussion box it was pretty much just people screaming in all caps about how excited they were to see the movie, but maybe you'll have better luck. And I', still planning on good things for all of us when the movie comes out, since it at least looks like nothing else coming out this summer, and offers Kristen Stewart to play a tomboyish, take-charged role that seems much more suited to her than Twilight's Bella Swan. Add in the appeal of Chris Hemsworth just a few weeks off of The Avengers and Charlize Theron digging into her meanest role yet, and what's not to like?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend