Source Code Has A Secret, Alternate Ending

Odds are you’re headed out to see Source Code today, it’s one of the best reviewed movies of the year, and the latest from Moon director Duncan Jones. That makes it worth your time. When you go, the ending you see may not be the only ending there is for Jake Gyllenhaal’s time traveling character.

Talking to The Playlist Gyllenhaal recently revealed that there’s another alternative which may end up on the DVD. He says, “There were alternate ending that I wanted so bad. I will ask Duncan if he’ll put that ending on the DVD.”

What’s the ending? What did they change? Gyllenhaal doesn’t say, but he does indicate that they did a lot of on the spot improvisation on the set which resulted in all sorts of things which may or may not have ended up in the final product. He explains his collaboration with director Duncan Jones this way, “I would like come up to him and be like ‘I woke up this morning and I had this idea that like there would be a secret agent that came to them where they were [at the end].’ and he’d be like ‘Ok, can we dress somebody up in a suit?’ and we’d have that! And we had the alternative versions and we put a lot of thought into that and the idea that the source code is a fully functional computer program that actually makes sense and not some device that is used as a conceit in the movie.”

Josh Tyler