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Andrew Currie has been hired to direct a movie called Space Invader. Yes, the videogame to movie adaptation craze really has gotten that stupid. Luckily, it’s not so much based on the videogame. The Hollywood Reporter says it’s a comedy starring Will Arnett, so it’s not like they’re trying to get Aliens out of a two-dimensional scroller in which the aliens idea of attack strategy is to slowly drop down and repeatedly reverse direction while allowing you to shoot at them.

The thing is, there is a way to make this funny by actually doing an adaptation of the videogame. Unfortunately it’s already been done and in three minutes. ‘Futurama’ did a Space Invaders episode in which Fry defends Earth from a fleet of invaders, probably from space. It’s genius, it’s hilarious, but they’re smart enough to only attempt it for three minutes and eighteen seconds. There’s no way you can stretch this gag into an entire movie. Watch it and laugh your ass off:

Currie’s way of turning Space Invader something funny is much less, um… good. Arnett stars in the movie as the son of a NASA legend who fears space travel. When his girlfriend goes into space to be locked in the International Space Station with a suave Astronaut, he decides he must fly into space and win her back. And the Space Invader comes into this… where? Oh, it’s some horrible sexual innuendo. I get it. So it’s supposed to be awful. If Will Ferrell or Steve Carell was starring in it, then maybe. Maybe. But Will Arnett? This movie has already failed.

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