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Spider-Man 3 Reviewed

I saw Spider-Man 3 today in Dallas, but was only allowed to see it on the condition that I don’t review it until late next week. Such embargoes are pretty common, but it’s irritating to come home from the screening and see that, apparently, everyone else but the Dallas press is being allowed to review it. Spider-Man 3 reviews are popping up all over the web, while I sit on my hands and wait a week to avoid having my press access revoked by Sony. I can live with obeying an embargo Sony, but let’s be fair about this. If you’re going to embargo your movie, the embargo should apply to everyone in the press. It’s dirty pool to play favorites and let people like Variety’s Todd McCarthy get a leg up on everyone else by reviewing it early. Heck, he didn’t even like the movie.

Luckily for Spidey fans, so far McCarthy seems to be in the minority. A couple of websites have run stories today claiming that the film is getting mixed reviews. But on RottenTomatoes right now, McCarthy is the only critic giving it a negative review with seven reviews counted. 1 bad review out of 7 isn’t exactly mixed. I’d call that mostly positive reviews.

Since I’m not allowed to review it myself, I can’t tell you what I thought of it (Hint: On RT my name would not have a green splat next to it). What I can do for you is give you a taste for what some of the elite few Sony is allowing to review it are saying while at the same time relieve myself by selecting quotes from that I agree with. It’s the only thing I can think of to relieve my critical constipation. It’s killing me not to talk about it.

So here’s what’s been said about Spidey 3 so far by the haves. If you need me, I’ll be over there in the corner with the have nots nodding in agreement.

"What truly is most amazing about Spider-Man 3 (no pun intended) is that all objections are answered and all developments are resolved, even if at times it feels like they will never converge." – Todd Gilchrist, IGN Movies

“A solid Summer movie with some glorious set pieces, but with so many subplots in play it struggles to form a cohesive whole.” – Garth Franklin, Dark Horizons

“While the picture as a contained whole might fall an itsy-bitsy short of the personal best set by Sam Raimi's 2004 edition, the wow factor works overtime with state-of-the-art effects sequences that often are as beautiful as they are astonishing.” - Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter