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The lightning in the background suggests big problems for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) as Sony prepares to unleash Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which continued to tease fans with a trailer and now a fresh one sheet.

The poster was grabbed by ComingSoon. It is a riff on the tryptich that a Las Vegas fan snapped, blurring out the Times Square background (crap) and phasing out all of the villains Spidey stared down in that awesome spread (double crap). So no Goblin, no Rhino, but plenty of allusions to Jamie Foxx’s villain, who was a major factor in the spectacular Spidey 2 international trailer. Did you see this one yet?

I imagine audiences heading to theaters this holiday season will see the posters for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 plastered on the walls of multiplexes nationwide. And Sony is doing its part to let people know that world-building is in play. The tagline "His greatest battle begins" might be something that a studio uses for an origin story. But Webb got that out of the way in last year’s Spider-Man movie. Now a fresh arc involving OsCorp, multiple villains and the mystery of Parker’s deceased parents can begin. You know, after the new franchise began. Still with me?

If you are still in the dark on the importance of OsCorp in this new narrative, here is the domestic trailer, which put Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn front and center, establishing his relationship with Garfield’s hero:

We have been analyzing every frame of Spidey 2 footage. We’re going to need a few new fixes to hold us over between now and May 2, when Webb’s anticipated sequel kicks off the summer blockbuster sequel. What have you thought about the marketing for the sequel so far? Are there parts you wish that Sony would show more of? Are you afraid that we’ve seen too much already, from the Goblin reveal to the Sinister Six teases? This will be one of those movies that we’ll be talking about for months to come. But what will our narrative be?
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