5 Amazing Things We Noticed In The Spider-Man 2 Trailer

By now, you’ve likely watched the first official trailer for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 over and over again. It’s right here, if you need to revisit it. In fact, I think I’ll go watch it again.

OK, now that we’ve all witnessed the glory of Webb’s vision for Amazing 2, what are some of the Easter eggs crammed into this surprisingly informative clip. For starters, this is completely different than the Hall H clip shown at San Diego Comic-Con. And it has a lot more emphasis on villains not named Electro … which I didn’t expect Webb to reveal so early in the game.

So, what did we notice in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 clips?

1. Someone’s going to die

This is a shot of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) in a cemetery. Now, he could be standing over the grave stone of his late Uncle Ben, asking him for guidance. BUT … it could also be Peter standing over Gwen Stacy’s fresh grave, because she lost her life to the Green Goblin.Why would I speculate that?

2. The Green Goblin’s going to rise

That first shot gives us a great look at what looks like Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) in the Goblin suit. You can see the spiky hair that was referenced in the character poster last week. And in these images, we see a quick shot of Felicity Jones (playing an assistant to either Norman or Harry), and the promise of Spidey-on-Goblin action. Sorry it’s blurry. That’s touch to screen cap.

Goblin Felicity Jones

Goblin Eye

Goblin Fight

3. Norman Osborn’s around … and he’s dying

And maybe a little green himself. Chris Cooper gets a glorified cameo in this trailer. Maybe Webb will avoid putting Norman Osborn in a Goblin suit, at all. That would SERIOUSLY shift the Spider-Man mythology, taking away arguably the hero’s greatest, most iconic nemesis. But between Electro, Harry’s Goblin, and all the other villains we’re spotting, Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man sequel is becoming a crowded house. Wait, other villains?

4. Doctor Octopus and the Vulture are teased

As the shadowy figure from the mid-credits sequence walks through the labs of OsCorp, we get the above shot, which shows mechanical Vulture wings and the unmistakable arms of Doc Ock. We can only assume that these are long-standing OsCorp experiments, and they will lead to the creation of more villains spawned from the corporation for Spider-Man to fight. I’m starting to lobby right here: Bring back Alfred Molina. He’s the only Doc Ock I’m interested in seeing.

5. Finally, The Rhino is a machine

Forget about the grey-skinned brute your father grew up on. The OsCorp version of the classic Rhino character will be a mech-tech monster, with Paul Giamatti’s gruff voice lending texture to the CGI creature. You can see his horn in the above action shot. I also grabbed a blurry shot of his first reveal, when his helmet locks into place. We also see his foot. How many action scenes will be get? We’ll know more on May 2.

Rhino Head

Sean O'Connell
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