This fall will see the release of Spike Lee’s gritty adaptation of the manga comic Oldboy, but already the controversial American director is looking ahead to his next project. And he wants you to fund it. And he promises it’s not about Blacula….just blood addiction.

For “The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint” the titular filmmaker has taken to Kickstarter to raise $1.25 million dollars for his next film, which he promises would-be patrons will be “funny, sexy, and bloody.” But if you expect him to tell you anything else about his proposed new movie, you might be missing his point. Says Lee in his letter to his “Faithful” following, “If you have liked any of my Films[sic] in the past, this is the price it costs to see another one (which can be less than the cost of one Movie Ticket[sic]). We feel the different levels on contributions make it affordable for everyone to GET DOWN FOR THE CAUSE.”

Lee has been making films for decades, so why is he turning to Kickstarter to finance his next film? Blame Veronica Mars and Zach Braff. See, one of Lee’s students at New York University, where he has served as a professor for the past fifteen years, clued him into how Kickstarter was used to bring about the long wished for Veronica Mars spin-off movie as well as Braff’s fan-funded follow-up to Garden State. So, Lee thought, “Oh snap!” No really, he says so in the campaign video, which you can watch below:

Lee says he knows he is Lucky [sic] to make his living doing a job he loves. He knows you know his long list of impressive credits, which includes Malcolm X, Inside Man and Do the Right Thing (he lists them above for your convenience.) But times have changed. And to keep his say over his product, he needs you to chip in on the financing end.

With Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” playing over his pitch, his plea is a pretty direct call to action, giving his faithful fans credit for launching “the Film Careers[sic] of Halle Berry, Rosie Perez, Martin Lawrence, Queen Latifah, Samuel L. Jackson, Giancarlo Esposito, Tisha Campbell, Jasmine Guy, John Turturro, Robin Harris, Anthony Mackie, Mekhi Phifer, Kerry Washington, Bill Nunn and Delroy Lindo” by previously supporting his work. He swears that “every red cent, every wooden nickel” you donate will go to the production and will show up onscreen. “This is a motherfucking tough business,” Lee concludes, “and I’m going to keep fighting the powers that be.”

If you choose to join Lee’s fight by kicking in to his Kickstarter, you could get access to an online screener of the finished film, two tickets to its NYC or LA premieres, a phone call with Lee (time limit is unspecified), a pair of his old sneakers he’ll autograph for you, or dinner with Lee and “The Honor And Privilege” of sitting next to him to see the Knicks play. But that last one—for Playa-Playas—demands a $10,000 donation.

The fundraising campaign for the unnamed Lee joint about blood and sex will close on August 21st.

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