Given that a lot of us helped pay for the upcoming Veronica Mars movie, it only makes sense that we get a look at what's in store even while the movie is shooting. And while the attendees at the movie's Comic-Con panel yesterday actually got face time with the cast, the five-minute preview for the film that showed in Hall H is now available for the rest of us to see above.

This was the only clip to show during the panel, and it's not hard to see why-- along with a tease of Veronica's return and clips from the movie, there are behind-the-scenes interviews with creator Rob Thomas, the cast and even the Kickstarter backers who visited the set and paid the hefty price to actually have walk-on roles in the film. With details about the plot of the movie at a minimum aside from casting announcements, this clip is the first time we realized that Veronica hasn't been working as a private detective all these years, and she's hesitant to pick it back up. That awkward bit of dialogue from her dad about "my daughter, the big-shot New York City lawyer" tells you things are going pretty well for her regardless, but come on, you've paid your hard-earned money in advance to see her sleuthing, and they're not crazy enough to deny you.

You can click here for the full liveblog of the Veronica Mars panel, which included discussions of the weird fan interactions they've had over the years, their favorite episodes form the show, and how even though it's a low-budget movie, it's "incredibly ambitious." And you don't really have to wait long for more Veronica Mars updates, since they've been coming fast and furious since shooting began-- lately we got our first look at Ken Marino's return as Vinnie Van Lowe, plus a rumored James Franco cameo. And you can always keep an eye on the film's Kickstarter page for updates-- but most of them are for backers only. Come on, if you cared so much you would have ponied up, right?

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