Stacy Keach Joins The Cast Of The Bourne Legacy

Stacy Keach has had quite the strange career. While he's a talented character actor who has had some notable roles, he rarely stars in movies that get a lot of attention and doesn't have the greatest string of luck when it comes to TV shows (both Titus and Lights Out were cancelled before they were ready to end). His next project, on the other hand, should get quite a few eyeballs.

Variety has learned that Stacy Keach has been added to the cast of The Bourne Legacy. Written and directed by Tony Gilroy, the film serves as a spin-off from the original Bourne trilogy as it will follow a new hero that was trained in the same program that produced Matt Damon's character. Though the new character doesn't have a name yet, he is set to be played by Jeremy Renner, who is joined in the cast by Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton (as the central villain), Oscar Isaac, Joan Allen and Albert Finney. While the details are slim, the trade says that Keach will be playing a "similar role" to that of Allen and Finney, meaning that he will likely be a member of the CIA that is hunting the new rogue spy down.

My favorite bit about this casting? It will reunite Norton and Keach, who haven't shared a scene together since arguing about the future of Edward Furlong in American History X. Universal seems to be committed to giving the new film as powerful a cast as they can get, perhaps just to make people forget that Damon and director Paul Greengrass aren't involved. The question is: will it work?

Eric Eisenberg
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