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Stallone Does A Cliffhanger Sequel

Sylvester Stallone is making a new career out of revisiting his old career. You know, the one where he was a relevant action star. Now he’s an irrelevant action star, revisiting the glory days when he was still relevant and everyone loved him. He’s already made old-age sequels to Rocky and Rambo, now he’s set his sites on sequelizing his rock climbing movie Cliffhanger. Remember it? Anyone?

The news comes from

[[ http ]] PR-Inside where they say Sony is in negotiations with him to revive his Cliffhanger character for a sequel called The Dam. I guess this time he’s climbing a man made structure? Or will there be some sort of white water rafting?

I barely remember it, but apparently the movie did make nearly $260 million. Of course most of that was overseas, will people will watch anything if it has big American macho movie star in it. Over here, we’re much more discerning and will only watch things with dancing in them.

In the original 1993 Cliffhanger movie, Stallone played Gabe Walker, a climber sent into the mountains to rescue a stranded group of people who are actually there looking for a suitcase full of cash. Gabe ends up facing off against John Lithgow, who is usually pretty fun to face off against, especially if you’re Bigfoot. It’s not exactly an iconic movie. I realize they’ve already made recent sequels from his two most iconic characters and are thus starting to run out of Stallone properties to cannibalize, but shouldn’t Cliffhanger be further down the list? Why not drag Wesley Snipes out of debtors prison and make a sequel to Demolition Man instead?