Stan Lee Reveals Which Marvel Movies He Didn't Really Like

Stan Lee in Fantastic Four
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A friend relayed this story: Stan Lee was asked point blank during a recent panel at a comic-book convention which hero from the Marvel universe would win a Battle Royale-type fight. Lee’s answer? Thor. And now, as my friend explained, that answer is canon, for who could possibly argue against Lee when it comes to any Marvel matter?

Which leads us to this next item. Lee was attending the 2012 Fan Expo in Canada when he was asked which Marvel movie adaptations disappointed him the most. And given the fact that Lee’s never one to mince words, he answered (via GeekTyrant):

I would have liked the Hulk to be smaller in the first two movies, and I didn't like the way Doctor Doom was portrayed in Fantastic Four,” Lee said. “Now with Daredevil, they just wrote the whole thing wrong. They made him too tragic. That's not the way I wrote him. I think they're working on a new Daredevil movie and it will be better, so hold your judgment until then.

I like how Lee speaks as a fan, but always reminds that these are his characters and he wrote them in a very specific way. With that in mind, when Lee was asked which Marvel characters he’d like to see on screen in the future, he explained:

Deadpool is such a popular character, I'd be surprised if he wasn't in his own movie in the near future, or introduced in another movie first. They're thinking about a Doctor Strange movie, a Black Panther movie, an Ant-Man movie—there's just so many ideas in the works right now at Marvel!

Excelsior! Now, let’s not nitpick Stan “The Man” Lee by pointing out that Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in the forgettable Wolverine Origins movie. Or by letting him know that Joe Carnahan exited the Daredevil reboot, putting the project back into development hell. All we know is that Stan hated Tim Story’s Fantastic Four, and now you should, too.

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