File this one under "ludicrous, but great conversational fodder", but according to rumour (i.e. someone wanted to show their friends they could cause online mayhem) Mr. Katie Holmes is interested in making a cameo in the next Star Trek film which is being directed by friend and Mission: Impossible III alumnist, J.J. Abrams.

An "insider" *cough* has told Canada's TV Guide that he apparently "...didn't even need to be begged to appear in it." Of course he didn't. How could he pass up the opportunity to best Battlefield Earth? Word is already buzzing through that he should play a Starfleet Academy instructor, for whatever reason. Maybe he just has a hankering to wear those oversized sunglasses again.

Meanwhile, news is that Abrams himself is currently searching for his Scotty and Bones. No mention has been made if Cruise has signed up for auditions: "Dammit Jim! I'm a doctor not a handsome, short, eccentric, couch jumping, media courting dreamboat!"

Could anyone really take him seriously in this movie? Or more to the point, could anyone actually take this movie seriously with him in it? Maybe if he played a Klingon. Now there's an idea!

I hope you have your pinch of salt handy.

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