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You may have noticed, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens is kind of a big deal out there in movie land. Okay, when the President of the United States cuts short a press conference to make it to a screening, it’s kind of a big deal everywhere. This movie has seriously almost taken over our lives completely. We’ve been writing about it almost daily for the last few years, covering everything from leaks and rumors to the movie itself and what lies ahead for the saga of that far, far away galaxy.

I can’t even pretend to guess at the ultimate word count we’ve amassed talking about Star Wars, but given that damn near everyone of us here is a huge fan, it’s been some of the most fun we’ve had. And with the strict layer of secrecy surrounding The Force Awakens, and future movies, it’s been fun to speculate and play detective, trying to figure out what an image or a phrase really meant. Don’t worry, as The Force Awakens continues to smash box office records, we’re not done with it just yet, but it’s been out long enough to look at some of our favorite stories, articles, lists, and sundry. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them.

There are obviously SPOILERS beyond this point.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Discussion
Articles discussing Star Wars: Episode VII (many with spoilers).

10 Best Moments In Star Wars: The Force Awakens
There is a lot to love in The Force Awakens, from the action to the characters, and here are our favorite moments from the film.

10 Star Wars 7 Spoilers That Turned Out To Be Completely Wrong
Building up to The Force Awakens there were countless theories and rumors, many of which were flat out incorrect. Here is a collection of some of our favorite misfires.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ending And What It Means For Episode 8
The Force Awakens ends with one hell of a moment, where we finally see a character we’ve been waiting to see since the first frame. It’s a powerful way to end, one with big implications, and we dig into it in depth here.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens—Our 14 Favorite Lines Of Dialogue
The Force Awakens is full of quick banter, meaningful conversations, and even bits of dialogue that made us cheer and gave us chills. And here are our favorites.

15 People You Didn’t Know Were In Star Wars: The Force Awakens
There are a ton of cameos in The Force Awakens—some easily recognized, others hidden under costumes and layers of prosthetics—and here is a list of the ones we know about. Some of them may surprise you.

I Was Spoiled On Star Wars 7, But It’s Okay, I Was Spoiled On The Originals, Too
Spoilers have been a much debated topic since we first found out about Episode VII, and while some of us avoided them, others did not. But that’s okay, because Star Wars has always been about more than simple plot twists and surprises.

The Review
To be fair, our critic wasn’t completely over the moon about The Force Awakens, and though he points out some of the flaws, of which there are admittedly a number, he does admit it’s the best Star Wars movie in 30 years.

Star Wars: Episode VIII And What’s Ahead
Can Kylo Ren Ever Be Redeemed? Here Are The Possibilities
One of the biggest questions moving forward is, after what he did, can Kylo Ren ever be forgiven? It’ll take a lot of work, but we have some theories about how that could potentially happen.

3 Big Reasons Why Poe Dameron Is The Key To Star Wars’ New Trilogy
Though there wasn’t nearly enough of him for our liking, we totally fell for Oscar Isaac’s badass pilot Poe Dameron. He’s got swagger for days, and here are some reasons why we think he’ll play a big part moving forward.

10 Star Wars 7 Characters We Need To See More Of
The Force Awakens introduced us to a ton of awesome new characters, but there is still a lot we don’t know about most of them, and moving forward, we have our own that we definitely need to see more of in the future.

Star Wars: Episode 8 What We Know So Far
We’re still approximately 18 months from the Rian Johnson-directed Episode VIII, but it’s never too early to look forward. Here is everything we know about the next film in one convenient place.

Here's what we want to know...

Star Wars 7: How Are We Supposed To Feel About Luke Skywalker Now?
Though he’s hardly in the movie (there are only eight total shots that feature him), Luke Skywalker’s presence looms large. Since he’s been in hiding for years, leaving his old life behind, we dig into the question of how we’re supposed to look at him now.

What’s Going Between Leia And Rey? Here’s What We Know
There’s much more to Daisy Ridley’s Rey than meets the eye. The scavenger from Jakku is powerful with the Force and obviously has a connection to the larger narrative, but here’s how we think she’s connected to Leia.

11 Huge Questions We Need Answered After Star Wars: The Force Awakens
30 years have elapsed since Return of the Jedi and much has changed in the Star Wars universe. Though many questions were answered, many were not, and here are the biggest questions that we still have.

What The Cast Told Us
Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Key Thing You Need To Know About The Main Players
We had the opportunity to interview most of the key cast members of The Force Awakens, both new and old, and they shared with us the one key thing we needed to know about their characters going in.

Favorite And Least Favorite: The Star Wars Cast Takes Us Through The Force Awakens Process
Filming a movie the size and scale of Star Wars there are bound to be some ups and downs in the process, and when we interviewed them, the cast shared their best and worst days on set with us.

Star Wars: The Key Piece Of Advice Lupita Nyong’o Got From Andy Serkis
Lupita Nyong’o’s The Force Awakens character was completely motion captured, a first for the actress, but lucky for her, the greatest motion capture performer currently working, Andy Serkis, is also in the movie, and he offered her an important piece of advice on the process. 
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