Do you know who is the MVP of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Lawrence Kasdan. Oh, sure. J.J. Abrams directed a hell of a popcorn adventure, and it’s great to see original Trilogy veterans Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill back in this universe. But Kasdan’s screenplay – co-written by Abrams and Michael Arndt – weaves the classic Star Wars mythology while laying groundwork for the next generation. Also? It’s funny as hell.

There are so many great lines of dialogue, so many meaningful conversations, what caught our ear during multiple Star Wars: The Force Awakens screenings. These are our favorites. Which one is yours?

"So, who talks first? Do you talk first?"
This is the line that let me know we were going to be in for an entertaining ride. No taxations of trade routes. Just energy, attitude and fun. Abrams proved he could bring a little tongue-in-cheek humor to the Star Trek universe with his 2009 jump start, and Oscar Isaac’s fantastic verbal brush off of Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) got The Force Awakens off on the right foot.

"I know all about waiting. For my family. They’ll be back. Some day."
The mystery of Rey’s family powers a good portion of The Force Awakens. She keeps wanting to return to Jakku because she thinks they will return And during the flashbacks triggered by touching Luke’s lightsaber, we see young Rey screaming at a spaceship that leaves her on Jakku. Who is piloting that? Could it be Luke Skywalker?

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