Star Wars: Episode VII's Villain Could Trace Back To Count Dooku

We’re still well over a year away from Star Wars: Episode VII’s December 18, 2015 release date, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors about the new film's story from flying around in a fast and furious fashion. The latest buzz making the rounds involves what could be a very major spoiler regarding the antagonists of the new trilogy. Proceed with caution if you want all the potential plot details to remain unrevealed until the film releases.

The latest gossip of the past few days has involved Adam Driver’s character, and his potential lineage in the upcoming films. Basically, the rumor – which has been covered over at the Making Star Wars website – posits that Driver’s character will be a rich aristocrat who is swayed to the Dark Side and starts killing off Jedi. This theory has been floating around for awhile now, but the question has always been which aristocratic family is Driver’s character from?

If the reports hold true, we now know that Driver will be a descendant of none other than Count Dooku. Dooku, who was also known as Darth Tyranus, had a major role in Episode II: Attack of the Clones and has been featured in the extended universe. Dooku meets his end in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, at the hands of Anakin Skywalker, but clearly he found time to father some children if this rumor has any truth to it.

Driver won’t be the only Dooku descendant either. Game of Thrones’ Brienne of Tarth, Gwendoline Christie, has also been linked to Dooku’s lineage. Originally, it was assumed Benedict Cumberbatch would be a Dooku heir, but when he decided he wasn’t going to be in the film, the role was shifted around so Christie could fit in. Here’s what the source has to say on the topic:

"These are all based on that central idea of an aristocratic family ‘line’ involving Episode 7’s bad guys. And as I said before, I firmly believe it’s the line of Dooku. Details and characters might have changed but the idea of an aristocratic villain with a heritage going back to the Clone Wars has been there from pre-production and as far as I know it’s still a major part of the story."

Dooku’s extended family being major antagonists in the new films makes sense if the idea of an aristocratic family being the villains is legitimate. I’m inclined to believe there’s some truth to this idea, if only because it’s been around since the early days of Episode VII pre-production and is still getting traction in all the rumor posts currently out there. The extended Dooku bloodline idea makes sense – they have ties to the Dark Side, Driver’s character would have the money required to travel around killing Jedi, and they would even have a good reason to hold a grudge against Luke since his father killed Count Dooku.

What do you guys think? Does the Dooku descendant storyline sound legit to you? Who do you think might be pulling the strings behind the scenes? Share your take with us below.