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Star Wars Fans Already Are Lining Up For The Force Awakens, See The Photos

Anybody who’s been paying attention knows that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is opening in a few short days. And, anyone who’s been paying attention knows that many fans with high hopes for the film are already planning their theater trips by packing up tents, blankets and other assorted camping supplies so they can sit outside their preferred theater for a few days ahead of the premiere. There’s just nothing like knowing, for a fact, that you’ll get the best seats.

The historic Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California is currently home to one such crowd of Star Wars enthusiasts. But, this isn’t a random fan line-up, this is actually an event, known as The Force Awakens that raises money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. And photos from CNN, along with quite a few tweets, show that there are a lot of people who’ve been helping out by lining up since 12 days before the film’s opening.

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That’s a lot of tents. Which, by the way, have to be dismantled every morning so as to not junk up the popular tourist area in broad daylight. Participants have to follow other rules, too. They all need to have their tickets already, and no one should feel forced to start an argument over someone leaving the line. Everyone is allowed to take off for breaks or personal errands. The event has caused a lot of people to gather, even at night.

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As is not surprising for a function like this, a fair number of people are wearing their full, favorite Star Wars regalia.

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There’s probably more than 109 people in line by now. Which is good news for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

The charity provides critical needs for the pediatric departments of over 600 hospitals, clinics, camps, respite homes and hospices in the USA and Puerto Rico. The group also aids children and families in 11 countries and territories, with a continually growing network. So, no matter how people end up feeling about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, at least the movie has done something good for people who need a little help.

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