The Starship Enterprise Gets Wet In Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

UPDATE: Turns out this is a fan-made poster making the rounds. We're keeping it up because it's pretty neat looking, but it's not an official Paramount release.

One of the most frequently teased and mystifying images from Star Trek Into Darkness has now become the centerpiece of a fan-made poster.

How does the Starship Enterprise wind up under water? How does it then surface like some kind of spaceship-submarine hybrid? We have no idea, but that hasn't stopped the poster's designers from putting the waterlogged Enterprise at the center of a new teaser poster, which you can see below:

(via The Film Stage)

It's an odd choice for the poster and an odd angle, showing the Enterprise not in its familiar profile shot, but kind of half-angled toward the camera, in a way that might make it tough to recognize for all but the most devoted Trekkies. Then again, the dark ocean at the bottom of the poster goes nicely with the film's title, suggesting that even though they may be trekking into darkness at the beginning of the film, they'll be finding their way out of it by the end.

This poster arrives hot on the heels of the fantastic teaser trailer that debuted over the weekend, showing us more of the quips and relationships between the characters on the Enterprise that are the real reason fans keep coming back to the series. If you missed it, you can watch that trailer embedded below.

Star Trek Into Darkness comes to theaters May 17, and you can click here for everything else we know about it.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend