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Step Up: Revolution Opening Sequence Includes Dancing In The Street

Things will be heating up in theaters this weekend as the next installment in the dance-focused Step Up franchise arrives. Directed by Scott Speer, Step Up: Revolution will take place in Miami and focus on a dance crew looking to se their performance art as a method of protest against a wealthy businessman who plans to develop their neighborhood and displace its residents. In anticipation of this weekend's release, some new videos have arrived online, the first of which shows us the opening sequence, which takes the dancing to the streets… literally.

Brightly colored cars and palm trees fill the background as we see the dancers start a sort of flash mob in the streets, complete with video-camera-carrying onlookers there to capture the seemingly spontaneous burst of dancing. Here it is (or you can view it in HD over at iTunes):

We see some of the protest element of the story come in with this scene, which has "the Mob" interrupting some kind of outdoor function, grabbing people's attention with an elaborate dance routine.

Step Up: Revolution is in theaters as of today (July 27). The film stars Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman, Misha Gabriel and Peter Gallagher. You can read Kristy's review of the film here. And find more photos and information in our Blend Film Database