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Heads were spinning off the neck last night when Bryan Singer, the acclaimed director of X-Men and X2: X-Men United, announced that he would be returning to the franchise after Brett Ratner's miserable attempt at the third installment. Though very little has been made of the project since September, when it was announced that shooting would begin next year, we now have news two days in a row, as Fox has announced who will be adapting the story.

According to THR, Jamie Moss has been hired by the studio to write the screenplay for the film. The project will Moss' second, the first being the Keanu Reeves cop film Street Kings, an adaptation of James Ellroy's novel The Nightwatchman.

While I can't be critical of his past work as I never saw the film, I am disappointed that Fox didn't go with David Hayter, also known as the guy who wrote the first two films. It is entirely possible that Hayter was approached about the project and declined, but I find it difficult to give Fox that much credit. Really, the story boils down to this: after two incredibly awful installments, Moss better do a good job or he is going to have a HUGE fanboy target on his back.

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