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Though it was big news last week when it was revealed that Tom Hardy will no longer star in David Ayer's Suicide Squad, the truth is that the film still has a pretty stellar, stacked ensemble. But who among them will actually be the true stars of the show? According to a new report, the answer is Will Smith's Deadshot, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, and Jared Leto's The Joker.

SPOILER WARNING: What follows may contain spoiler information for David Ayer's Suicide Squad. If you do not wish to know any big details about the film prior to its release, we would recommend heading to another one of our articles.

This news comes to us from Latino-Review, which claims to have multiple inside, unnamed sources that can confirm their scoop about the in-development Suicide Squad. The site says that while Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), and Rick Flag (possibly Jake Gyllenhaal) all have key roles in the comic book movie, it will ultimately be Deadshot, Harley Quinn and The Joker who find themselves at center stage in the story. Quinn, of course, is best known for being The Joker's significant other - which explains why both of them could be together in top billing - but it's also added that Deadshot and Harley Quinn meet early in the script while both are working to carry out individual missions (an assassination and a jail break, respectively). It's after this that they are captured and wind up working as part of the titular group.

Of course, just because some particular characters who are orchestrated as standouts, the movie is also very much a team-up film - as the title suggests. In DC Comics, the Suicide Squad is a team of convicted, highly-lethal criminals who are enlisted by Amanda Waller, a government operative, to go on dangerous black ops missions in exchange for reducing their individual sentences. Deadshot and Harley Quinn will both be members of this group, and while the same can't be said for The Joker, he is said to play more of a Hannibal Lecter-type role in the movie.

It's interesting that this news would come out shortly after Tom Hardy's departure from Suicide Squad, as one has to wonder if maybe not being one of the main three characters could explain his leaving. The new story does say that Rick Flag has an important role to play in the overall story, but it wouldn't be too surprising if Hardy looked at his already packed schedule and decided to move on.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer until we get some real official details about Suicide Squad, as production on the film has to be only a few months away. Warner Bros. has already penciled it in for release on August 5, 2016, so stay tuned for more details.