If you haven't already seen Rubber, do yourself a favor and head over to Netflix Instant and do yourself a favor. While I understand that it's likely not 0for everyone - for starters it's main character is a psychic tire named Robert - but the movie is so deliciously bizarre that it's worth watching at least once. I had the chance to see the film at AFI Fest last year and immediately found myself looking forward to writer/director Quentin Dupieux's next project. Today I learned that project is called Wrong and now we have the first teaser trailer for it.

Check it out below.

You may have noticed that this trailer is called a "Sundance Teaser." That's because Wrong was one of the many titles featured on the list of in-competition films at the Sundance Film Festival that was announced earlier today. Much like Rubber, the whole thing looks unabashedly weird, and it me even happier to see actors like William Fichtner, and Steve Little join the fray (not to mention the return of Jack Plotnick and Charley "Fat Neil" Koontz, who were both featured in Dupieux's last film).

As was said in the Sundance rundown, the film is about a man named Dolph (Plotnick) who is searching for his lost dog, but constantly keeps running into strange characters, including "a nympho pizza-delivery girl, a jogging neighbor seeking the absolute, and a mysterious righter of wrongs." Sadly the film doesn't have a distributor yet (hopefully its show at January's festival will change that) and, therefore, does not yet have a release date.

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