Sunset Boulevard Blu-ray Bonus Clip Spotlights The Swimming Pool

Tomorrow, Paramount Home Media Distribution is celebrating the Blu-ray release of the classic film Sunset Boulevard. Not only is Billy Wilder’s tale coming to life on Blu-ray for the first time ever, the film has also undergone extensive restoration treatment in the attempt to make John Seitz’s cinematography work pop as much as possible. To celebrate the November 6 release, we have a Blu-ray bonus clip to share with fans of the film.

While the clip doesn’t delve into the restorative work, it does take a look at some of the settings and interiors that make the film so special. In particular, the swimming pool is looked at, and interestingly, the pool had to be built for the purpose of the film. The house that is prominent in the film was chosen particularly because it had the grace and the imposing style the producers assumed the average person would believe a movie star resided in. Interestingly, however, the house was not located on Sunset Boulevard, but instead could be found on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles until it, sadly, was torn down.

Sunset Boulevard is an iconic film, which boasts several famous landmark shots as well as a slew of cameos. Both the picture and sound have been revamped for the release, and over two hours of bonus features will be present with the set. Even if you already own a copy of the film, this release is one of those rare times fans might want to trade up. I mean, c’mon, the theatrical trailer has even been redone in HD! If you are interested in the set at all, you can read more about the restoration work, or check out the list of extras, below.

Sunset Boulevard Blu-Ray Extras

  • Commentary by Ed Sikov, author of On Sunset Blvd: The Life and Times of Billy Wilder
  • “Sunset Boulevard: The Beginning”
  • “Sunset Boulevard: A Look Back”
  • ”The Noir Side of Sunset Boulevard”
  • ”Sunset Boulevard Becomes a Classic”
  • ”Two Sides of Ms. Swanson”
  • ”Stories of Sunset Boulevard”
  • ”Mad About the Boy: A Portrait of William Holden”
  • ”Recording Sunset Boulevard”
  • ”The City of Sunset Boulevard”
  • Franz Waxman and the Music of Sunset Boulevard
  • Morgue Prologue Script Pages
  • Deleted Scene—“The Paramount-Don’t-Want-Me Blues” (HD)
  • Hollywood Location Map
  • Behind the Gates: The Lot
  • Edith Head: The Paramount Years
  • Paramount in the ‘50s
  • Galleries: Production, The Movie, and Publicity
  • Theatrical Trailer (HD)
Jessica Rawden
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