The Switch Clips: Jennifer Aniston Chooses Science Over Easily Available Sex

The Switch probably seemed like a better idea back when they first came up with it and it was still called The Baster. Back before we’d seen and been scarred for life by movies like The Back-up Plan. Back before movies about middle aged women whining about their womb and refusing to have the sex they need to have to do anything about their barren condition became a cliché. Now it is a cliché and we have clips from The Switch.

The Switch does, however, seem to be taking that cliché one step further. I’m not sure it’s a step that needs to be taken, but these clips make it seem as though Jennifer Aniston hates sex so much that while she’s actually on board with having the guy who provides the sperm present while she inserts it into her nether regions, she’s unwilling to forgo the science, move a couple feet closer to him, and bang her middle-aged baby-fever away. She’d rather ride a turkey baster. Sorry to be crass, but isn’t this what you asked for when you decided to watch clips from a movie about a woman’s adventures in sperm selection? I think it is.

So here’s five clips from The Switch. I’m not sure what to make of them. Maybe they’ll strike a chord with you:

The Switch hits theaters with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman in tow on August 20. For more info visit our preview.

Josh Tyler