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Poor Sylvester Stallone. With the Academy seemingly in a redemptive mood as they finally handed Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar for his performance in The Revenant, it was also assumed that the Rocky creator would pick up the Best Supporting Actor gong for his work in Creed. Things didn’t actually go that way, though, as Bridge Of Spies’ Mark Rylance finished victorious in this category. But while Sylvester Stallone seemed gracious in defeat, his younger brother Frank Stallone erupted in furious anger on social media because of the supposed oversight.

While there’s every chance that Sylvester Stallone might share the same sentiments as his younger brother, there’s no doubt that he’ll probably be a little embarrassed by Frank Stallone Jr.’s Twitter rant. Especially since Mark Rylance is widely regarded as one of the finest acting talents in the world. 

Sure, Mark Rylance might not be a household name like Sylvester Stallone, but thanks to his stint as the first artistic director of Shakespeare’s Globe between 1995 and 2005, as well as his Olivier, BAFTA, Tony, and, now, Academy Award-winning performances, he has earned the respect and adulation of his peers. 

Obviously, everyone except for Frank Stallone Jr., who believes that every member of the Academy should now be thoroughly ashamed for not recognising his older sibling’s performance in Creed. But Frank Stallone wasn’t the only person who was furious that Sly didn’t take home the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Actor Michael Rapaport was so apoplectic that Sylvester Stallone was overlooked at the Oscars that he uploaded a video to his Twitter account of him going insane when Mark Rylance was announced as the winner. Like Frank Stallone, Rapaport’s main gripe with Mark Rylance was that he didn’t know who he was, as he shouted at, "Who the fuck is this?," as he walked up on stage. Rapaport wasn’t done there, though, because he not only fell off his chair, but he then made it known exactly who he supported as he shouted "Rocky" repeatedly.

Despite the surprise of his victory, Mark Rylance’s performance in Steven Spielberg’s Bridge Of Spies was lauded as one of the bright points of the Cold War thriller, and his Best Supporting Actor Oscar was deemed to have been just. Just don’t tell Michael Rapaport and Frank Stallone that.