It would seem that Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone share more than a history as badass '80s action heroes and a scene in last summer's The Expendables. While Willis and Schwarzenegger were both attached to the film at one point, it is now Stallone who will be starring in The Tomb.

The project was originally going to behelmed by Training Day's Antoine Fuqua, but the film is now without a director but has locked in its star. Producers, including 300 backer Mark Canton, have already begun their search for a new filmmaker, and have yet to set a start date for production. The script was originally written by Miles Chapman, but has been rewritten by Jason Keller and is set up at Summit and Emmett/Furla Films.

According to Variety, in the movie Stallone will play Ray Breslin, a structural security expert who specializes in prisons. One day he is framed for a crime he didn't commit and is (here comes the irony) thrown in a jail that he designed. In order to prove his innocence, he must find the person that set him up.

Looking at the lineup that preceded Stallone I am going to take a wild stab and say that The Tomb is probably action packed, but I do have one slight problem: I'm not sure that I can believe that Sylvester Stallone is "the world's foremost authority on structural security." Big action blockbusters expect the audience to suspend their disbelief a little bit, but this might just be too much to ask.

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