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Tallahassee Will Find Love In Zombieland 2

Zombieland 2 is now pretty much a certainty and that means the first film’s writers, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are already full of ideas. The movie’s also slated to be in 3D, and that means their ideas will have to encompass whatever that means in a post-Avatar world. Don’t worry, they have it covered.

Wernick says, “We entirely want to write with 3-D in mind. We have the vision, and want to have fun with the technology.” That may sound appealing, but when it comes to zombies, it really isn’t. Reese explains, “We want you to be looking down at your popcorn to make sure there isn’t blood on it, there will be a lot of fluids flying!” Yuck? Truthfully the best parts of Zombieland were all about the comedy, not the gore. Did anyone see Zombieland for the splatter? Come on, not really. I want to spit out my popcorn because I’m laughing too hard, not because I suspect it may have been accidentally coated in ichor.

They do have some cool ideas about the nature of zombies though. The classic zombie is just kind of a mindless sack of meat. But Reese says, “We like to think that a zombie’s character isn’t just about their profession, or what their personality was, but what were they doing at that moment they became a zombie.” Sounds like a fun, fresh idea in a genre that’s kind of been done to death. And ideas like that, is exactly what the first Zombieland was all about.

They’ve got more ideas for the movie’s human characters. They’re considering new characters to team up with the gang, include a love interest for Tallahassee. I hope she likes Twinkies. Read the full interview with Wernick and Reese embedded below.