Finding Both Comedians AND Grounded Performers
For a first-time director, it’s truly amazing how great a cast Ben Falcone was able to assemble to star in Tammy. Even beyond its leads, Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon, the supporting cast is absolutely packed with talented actors like Kathy Bates, Allison Janney, Toni Collette, Mark Duplass, Gary Cole, Sandra Oh, Nat Faxon and more. In casting the movie, Falcone wanted to bring together a team of actors that could both sell the comedy, and deliver the core messages and themes with a degree of gravitas.

"That was a key," Falcone said while discussing his methodology for putting together his cast. "I feel like we did a good job of blending with these people who are so funny and they’re also able to play these grounded performances."

One particularly bit of casting Falcone was proud of was the hiring of actress Sarah Baker (The Campaign, Louie) as a fast food restaurant cashier whom Tammy holds up at gun point (or, rather, sunglasses-in-a-bag point). For the scene, which was planned with a great deal of improv in mind, the director knew that he needed somebody who he could not only trust to be funny, but to also enhance her co-stars’ performances as well.

"Sarah not only had really funny lines in that scene, but she’s also responsible for some of the best moments that happened," Falcone said. "Whatever course she got on caused Melissa to get to the place where she got. So it’s not always just an improv, or whatever. It’s not always just having the zingers. It’s about letting somebody get where they wanna get."

And if you enjoy her scene in the film, be sure to stay after the credits for a funny little extra.

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