Never one to shy away from the chance to talk and talk and talk, Quentin Tarantino let rip on EON productions in an interview with Total Film this month.

The outspoken director is claiming the success of the James Bond revival through Casino Royale would never have happened without his involvement... even though he was never really involved, he just talked about it... a lot... for a change...

"I never saw Casino Royale because I was so mad at those guys. They said publicly that Casino Royale was un-filmable. The minute I said I would do Casino Royale, it's on all the websites and it is the film that people want to see. They should have said thank you."

Say what now, Quentin??? Hold the phone, let us through the wonder of the internet, travel back in time to what actually happened;

Back in April 2004, Quentin told... well anyone who would listen except the people that mattered... that he would like to do a new Bond movie; He told Sci-Fi; "They've got this gigantic franchise, they can't do anything wrong with it. Pierce Brosnan's only going to do one more movie for them, if that, so if he stayed on to do one more with me, let's just this one year go my way and do it a little differently. I won't do anything that will ruin the series."

Then he told FilmFocus; "I would have liked to do Casino Royale, alright, with Pierce Brosnan but then, once I heard that Pierce Brosnan wasn't going to be doing any more Bond films or anything like that, that kind-of killed that as far as I was concerned."

The one consistant thing in all of this is that Tarantino waxed on and on and on about how he had talked to the one person with the least Bond influence, the very Bond star that, after Die Another Day, EON were desperate to ditch. Maybe if he'd spent more time talking to Barbara Broccolli and Michael G. Wilson and less to the media, he might have had a shot, but he blew it. He even conceeded he wouldn't think about doing the idea after Brosnan left. And guess what, without Brosnan or Tarantino, Casino Royale was one of the most profitable and critically acclaimed Bond movies in the last 25 years.

Sour grapes QT? If I don't apply for a job properly, should I be mad at the employer for not considering me because I took a personal ad for it instead? Or is it another example of people thinking just because they say something publicly, they own the idea. Well guess what, I wanted to make a live action Transformers movie before Michael Bay and Paramount thought of doing it (back in 1987 in fact, despite the fact I was only 8 and didn't have so much as a camcorder, but that wasn't going to hold me back, oh no!) and I was very public about it, so why didn't they thank me in the credits for it's success?

Grow up Quentin.

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