Up until last year Seth MacFarlane was almost exclusively a television guy...but then came Ted. After years working on shows like Family Guy and American Dad, MacFarlane took the leap into features and made his directorial debut with the story of a middle-aged man child (played by Mark Wahlberg) and his anthropomorphic teddy bear. And the experiment was a smash success. The vulgar, R-rated comedy not only a huge blockbuster, pulling in over $500 million worldwide, but even did well with critics. From there MacFarlane parlayed his success into a hosting gig at the Academy Awards, and today it's been revealed that he's bringing his CGI furry friend with him.

With Broken City in theaters this weekend Wahlberg continues to make the press rounds and during an appearance on Anderson Cooper's show Anderson Live the star revealed that both he and Ted will be making an appearance during the Oscar ceremony. The subject was brought up when a Twitter user asked about the possibility of a Ted 2, which was confirmed to be in the works back in September. Check out the quick clip from the show below.

One of the annual traditions at the Oscars is to have a CGI or animated character show up during the middle of the ceremony, but this situation could potentially be more interesting. Usually the characters are brought to present an award - normally Best Animated Feature and/or Best Animated Short - but considering that MacFarlane is hosting this could be something totally different. Hopefully the folks behind the broadcast get a bit creative and figure out how to get Ted and Wahlberg into the opening monologue.

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