Texas Chainsaw 3D Rings In The New Year With Chilling New Teaser

Rarely is the word “Happy” associated with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So kudos to Lionsgate for coming up with an unconventional, creepy Happy New Year tie-in for their upcoming reboot of the Massacre franchise, which will arrive in theaters on Jan. 4. Interested in how Leatherface is wringing in the New Year? See for yourself below:

I won’t be able to hear Auld Lang Syne for a while without thinking of the meat hooks in Leatherface’s Texas abode, so thanks for that, Lionsgate. The very short clip doesn’t give us too much. It promises a new year, but the same old legend, eventually introducing us to the latest victims of the inbred, country family whose weapon of choice is a massive chainsaw blade. And perhaps that phantom feeling you have right now is the cold-steel touch of that very blade resting on your shoulder...

John Luessenhop directs this latest version of Texas Chainsaw, which follows a woman on a trip back to Texas to claim what she believes is a family inheritance. The horror thriller will utilize 3D technology, joining a long list of gory features that have attempted to being the chills off the screen and into the theater. Expect elongated chainsaw blades to reach out towards you as you cower in your seats. Alexandra Daddario (Hall Pass, TV’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) leads the charge against Leatherface, who’ll be played by Dan Yeager this time out. Welcome in the new year with a 3D Texas Chainsaw thriller. What better way to get 2013 off on a bloody-good foot?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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